Woo Casino VIP in Australia

When you set up an account on woo casino online website, you can be confident that your loyalty will be rewarded tenfold. We appreciate users bringing their heads and hearts to our community, so we're doing everything possible to treat them like royalty.

The minute you create an account on our platform, you receive an invitation to a rich VIP Woo Casino Club, packed with amazing rewards. The bounties we provide include prize money and free spins, increasing your winning odds in high-rated online slots. You're welcome on this page, where we plan to take a closer look at the benefits of the VIP Woo Casino's Program. Shall we start?

How to Take Part in Woo Casino VIP Program?

There are no extra requirements concerning acquiring a membership in the honorary VIP Woo's Club. To back up our words, we came up with a step-by-step instruction covering the necessary steps:

  1. Be the guest of an official Woo Club's site at and log into your player account. In case you're a new entrant, create a new profile.
  2. Once you get into the system, make any payment on Woo's site, starting from 10 AUD.
  3. In our main menu, press on the «VIP» icon with a small crown and become a party to our VIP Woo Casino's Club. Enjoy your privileges.

Here's a nice reminder, our affinity rewards come along with wagering requirements you must wrap up before you acquire permission to cash out your perks. You can read the woo casino withdrawal reviews or Terms and Conditions on our site for more details about our requirements.

Mission W

The moment you put your money into your user account, you turn into a VIP Player, gaining an invitation to a high-class VIP Club. Within such an affinity program, you are offered to take part in different missions, receiving loyalty points.

The amount of Loyalty Points earned determines your VIP Level. For every 12 AUD wagered in real money, you receive one comp point (CP). As an example, users can reach the second Woo tier when they accumulate 25 CP. Upon reaching a new tier, you'll be pampered with impressive rewards. There are 21 levels players can achieve, divided into three sections: Mission W, Mission Wo, and Mission Woo. While you're progressing through Mission W, you can claim 285 Free Spins on Cherry Fiesta, Bamboo Rush, and Fire Lightning slots.





1-24 CP

Participation in the VIP


25 CP

10 Free Spins on Cherry Fiesta


75 CP

20 Free Spins on Bamboo Rush


150 CP

30 Free Spins on Bamboo Rush


300 CP

50 Free Spins on Fire Lightning


500 CP

75 Free Spins on Cherry Fiesta


800 CP

100 Free Spins on Bamboo Rush

Mission Wo

When you accumulate 1,200 CP, you can participate in new missions, awarding you better rewards. Within the «Mission Wo» set of quests, risk-takers can gain 125 Free Spins on Dragon & Phoenix slots + 1,375 AUD on their wallets with the freedom of spending this perk at their discretion. Needless to say, users can only use this prize on Woo's site. 

On the positive side, you can cash in on your monetary prize, playing not only pokies but cards. Loyalty premiums come with a 3x wagering requirement. Users must wind up with rollover requirements within one month after claiming their gifts.





1,200 CP

125 Free Spins on Dragon & Phoenix


2,000 CP

15 AUD


3,000 CP

30 AUD


5,000 CP

80 AUD


8,000 CP

150 AUD


15,000 CP

300 AUD


50,000 CP

800 AUD


Mission Woo

The last set of quests users can unlock within an affinity program is «Mission Woo», spoiling them with upper-class perks. Not every player on Woo's site can reach such a high level. Only high-rollers and loyal followers can set their ambitions really high, but we wish you all the best.

Within the «Mission Woo» journey, you can claim 231,200 AUD. Just imagine how rich you'll be. With this sum of money, you can embark on a short world tour or rent the mansion of your dreams. That's why playing on our site isn't only entertaining but profitable too. We're waiting for you!





100000 CP

1,200 AUD


200000 CP

1,500 AUD


450000 CP

3,500 AUD


750000 CP

15,000 AUD


1500000 CP

20,000 AUD


2000000 CP

40,000 AUD


5000000 CP

150,000 AUD


Terms and Conditions of the VIP Program at Woo Casino

Gambling in Woo Casino is only within the realm of possibility when our Terms & Conditions are strictly adhered to. We don't ask for the impossible, as we don't really like being uncompromising. However, we have several permanent requirements you must follow in case you want to benefit from our VIP Program:

  1. Within one player's account, punters can receive every prize only once. At the same time, you can't be endowed with two accounts.
  2. Every reward comes along with an x3 wagering requirement players must wind up within one month.
  3. Free Spins users claim are only available within 24 hours.
  4. Our Administration reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions immediately without sending you a private message.
  5. Punters can turn their 130 CPs into 1 AUD with a wagering requirement of x1 when they reach the highest VIP level.

Difference Between Common Bonuses and VIP Programs

Ending this review, we'd like to present to you a minor comparison table we created, thinking about the differences between common rewards and VIP benefits. Since we are here, we invite you to join our community, where you'll be surrounded by love and care. Playing on our secure platform, you can capitalize on rare woo casino promo codes and find friends, sharing your interests. Now, let's look at the comparison chart together.

Common Bonuses

VIP Rewards

Promotional campaigns are updated on a regular basis. Every month, users can take part in a new tournament or promo offer.

VIP Rewards are permanent and don't change over the years. When you reap all the benefits from the VIP Program, you can exchange your CPs for AUD, USD or EUR.

Standard Woo Casino's promotions on our platform come along with an ordinary x40 rollover requirement.

Every reward users receive within the VIP Program is subjected to an x3 wager.

Sometimes, players can cash in on their perks only by wagering on certain products on Woo's site. For example, within one promotional campaign, you can wager only in Microgaming slots.

Monetary prizes punters receive within our affinity program can be exploited in any gaming machine on our site.